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Is Professional Pressure Washing Expensive?

Man Pressure Washing Exterior of Home Alpharetta GA

Like any other home or business owner, you want to strike a balance between saving money and maintaining a beautiful property. Professional power washing is one good way to keep your grounds looking clean and attractive, but you’re worried about how much it will cost.

Average Cost of Professional Power Washing

If you do an Internet search for the cost of power washing in Alpharetta, you’ll encounter a wide range of prices. On average, most companies charge a rate of about 40 cents per square foot of surface area in need of treatment. That figure is highly variable, however.

Factors That Influence the Price of Pressure Washing

How much you might pay for professional pressure washing depends on:

  • Average rates charged in your region
  • Type of surface that needs power washing
  • Difficulty of the job (what kind of debris or dirt that needs to be removed)

How to Save Money on Professional Power Washing

Pressure washing doesn’t have to be a frequent expense. In fact, most surfaces shouldn’t be power washed too often. Just once or twice a year may be enough. When you think of the benefits, investing in a high-quality professional pressure washing job on occasion is worth every penny!

You can still save money by contacting an experienced pressure washing team in Alpharetta. Qualified and insured teams with combined decades of experience can offer special deals for housing developments, repeat customers, and multiple projects on one site.

Professional power washing is more affordable than you may think! The only way to find out what you might have to pay is to call for a personalized estimate. Contact us today to get started.

Posted on behalf of Alpharetta Pressure Washing

Posted on behalf of Alpharetta Pressure Washing

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Wow! I didn't know my driveway was white. Alpharetta Pressure Washing did the best job I have ever seen on cleaning our driveway. Two of my neighbors came over while he was pressure washing the drive and contracted them to do their driveways too.


Excellent service, I highly recommend Alpharetta Pressure Washing. The work they did on my vinyl siding was first-rate quality.


Alpharetta Pressure Washing did an amazing job on my home's brick driveway. Years of build up have been removed and the brick is beautiful. Nice job.


We recently re-painted our house and spilled paint all over the driveway and our deck. Alpharetta Pressure Washing was able to clean up our mess without damaging the paint on our house or deck.


What a remarkable service, Alpharetta Pressure Washing cleaned my house siding, concrete drive, and sidewalk. The quality of the work is first class.


Great value and quality work. My driveway and the vinyl siding on the house had years of mold. Alpharetta Pressure Washing was able to remove the mold and now our house sparkles. Will use again for all of our tough cleaning projects.


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