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Complete Alpharetta Landscape Remodeling with Pressure Washing

If your landscape has become boring or lacks function for family events, a remodel may be in the cards. It is important to understand that this is a major project. Redesigning your Alpharetta lawn, plants, trees and hardscapes will take time and patience. Once the dust has settled, you may find that your new landscape

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Pressure Wash Your Alpharetta Home

Even with more mild southern winters, it’s important to do certain cleaning and maintenance jobs around your home exterior in the fall. As winter looms, there are a lot of fall chores to do to ensure the safety, functionality and curb appeal of your Alpharetta home. Benefits of Exterior Pressure Washing in the Fall After

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Be Careful When Pressure Washing Brick!

Beautiful and durable brick homes appear to stand up to anything. However, over time, the outside elements take their toll. Dust, dirt, emissions, moisture, mold and mildew all can work their way into the brick’s textured surface. You may notice your bricks look darker or have a worn-out appearance. Aside from not looking their best,

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Washing Mold Off Your Home

Mold is a type of fungus that consists of small organisms found almost everywhere. They can be black, white, orange, green or purple. Outdoors, mold plays an important role in nature, breaking down dead leaves, plants and trees. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce using tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air. You are

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Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Need to get your Alpharetta home sell-ready? Let the experts at Alpha Pressure Washing get the job right the first time. Pressure or power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray and remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from your home. The highly skilled staff at Alpha Pressure Washing offers quality

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The Risks of Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning Paving and Patios

When it comes to cleaning paving and patios that have taken a beating, Alpharetta homeowners often turn to strong chemical solutions. These cleaning products often provide assurances of getting the job done with minimum effort. The problem is, they may affect your surfaces in ways that are not expected. Cleaning any outdoor surface can be

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Home Pressure Washing Priorities in Alpharetta

If you are at home more and noticing that exterior areas could do with a thorough clean, you may be thinking about prioritizing. For most homeowners, gauging the importance of maintenance tasks comes down to personal choice. In that respect, there is no right or wrong place to start. Poolside To illustrate the point, families

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What Can Be Pressure Washed Around Your Home?

Pressure washing doesn’t have to be limited to just the exterior of your Alpharetta, Georgia  home.  There are many things around your property that get weathered and could benefit from a good pressure washing treatment. The next time that you have our Alpha Pressure Washing team come out to your property, consider having us treat

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Never Pressure Wash These 7 Surfaces!

Wouldn’t it be fun to just go to town cleaning everything on your Alpharetta property with a pressure washer? Unfortunately, not everything can withstand the force of a power washer. The safest way to get your home’s exterior clean without damaging anything is to consult pressure washing experts. Here are seven things that should never

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Do You Need to Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting It?

There’s nothing that cleans up your Alpharetta home and instantly boosts its curb value like a fresh coat of paint. Painting your home’s exterior also gives you a new decorating foundation to work with. After that new color goes on, you can start coordinating your garden beds and trim to match. The opportunities are endless!

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Professional Power Washing—What to Expect

You’re thinking about calling a professional pressure washing company for your home in Alpharetta. What can you expect from professional pressure washing? A house that looks like new. You’re going to be blown away by how good your house looks after hiring the services of a professional pressure washing team. Pressure washing removes years of

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DIY House Pressure Washing – 4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea

Here are four reasons why you should avoid DIY pressure washing your home in Alpharetta and leave the job to seasoned experts. 1. Too Much Pressure When it comes to pressure washing, more isn’t necessarily better. Dirt, mold, stains, and plant matter may come off with very little pressure. Using too much pressure can damage

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Wow! I didn't know my driveway was white. Alpharetta Pressure Washing did the best job I have ever seen on cleaning our driveway. Two of my neighbors came over while he was pressure washing the drive and contracted them to do their driveways too.


Excellent service, I highly recommend Alpharetta Pressure Washing. The work they did on my vinyl siding was first-rate quality.


Alpharetta Pressure Washing did an amazing job on my home's brick driveway. Years of build up have been removed and the brick is beautiful. Nice job.


We recently re-painted our house and spilled paint all over the driveway and our deck. Alpharetta Pressure Washing was able to clean up our mess without damaging the paint on our house or deck.


What a remarkable service, Alpharetta Pressure Washing cleaned my house siding, concrete drive, and sidewalk. The quality of the work is first class.


Great value and quality work. My driveway and the vinyl siding on the house had years of mold. Alpharetta Pressure Washing was able to remove the mold and now our house sparkles. Will use again for all of our tough cleaning projects.


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